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Command Description
BWHO Lists all Users on the Bouncer.
PASSWORD Sets your or another Users Password(Admin).
BVHOST Sets your vhost to connect thru.
PROXY Sets your proxy to connect thru.
SETUSERNAME Sets your User Name.
SETAWAY Sets your away-Text when you leave
SETLEAVEMSG Sets your Leave-MSG when you leave
LEAVEQUIT If set to 1, parts all channels on quit.
SETAWAYNICK [network~]nick Sets your nick when you are offline
JUMP Jumps to the next IRC-Server.
BQUIT Quits your current Server Connection.
BCONNECT Reconnects a bquitted Connection.
AIDLE Enables/Disables Antiidle.
AUTOREJOIN Enables/Disables Auto-Rejoin.
ADDSERVER Adds an IRC-Server to your Serverlist.
DELSERVER  Deletes an IRC-Server by number.
LISTSERVERS Lists all IRC-Servers added.
ADDNETWORK Adds a seperate Network to your client.
DELNETWORK Deletes an IRC-Server by number.
ADDOP Adds a User who may get Op from you.
DELOP Deletes an added User who got Op.
ADDAUTOOP Adds a User who gets Auto-Op from you.
DELAUTOOP Deletes an added User who got Op.
LISTAUTOOPS Lists all added Auto-Ops.
ADDBAN Adds a ban (global or to a channel).
DELBAN Deletes a ban by Number.
LISTBANS Lists all bans.
ADDASK Adds a host/bot to ask Op from.
DELASK Deletes a host/bot to ask Op by Number.
LISTASK Lists the hosts/bots to ask Op from.
ADDDCC Adds a DCC-Connection to a bot.
LISTDCC Lists all added DCC-Connectionc.
DELDCC Deletes a DCC-Connection by number.
DCCCHAT Offers a DCC Chat to a given IRC User.
DCCANSWER Answers to a DCC Chat-Request.
DCCENABLE Enables/Disables DCC thru psybnc.
DCCSEND Sends a file to a given IRC User.
DCCGET Gets a DCC Send File from an IRC User.
DCCSENDME Sends the bouncer User a File.
DCCCANCEL Cancels a dccchat or a transfer.
PLAYPRIVATELOG Plays your Message Log.
ERASEPRIVATELOG Erases your Message Log.
ADDLOG Adds a Log source / filter.
DELLOG Deletes a Log source by number.
LISTLOGS Lists all added Log sources/filters.
PLAYTRAFFICLOG Plays the Traffic Log.
ERASETRAFFICLOG Erases the Traffic Log.
ENCRYPT Encrypts talk to a given channel/user.
DELENCRYPT Deletes an encryption entry by number.
LISTENCRYPT Shows a List of encrypted talks.
*BREHASH Rehashes the proxy and resets all Connections.
*MADMIN Gives a User an Admin flag.
*UNADMIN Removes the Admin flag from a User.
*BKILL login Kills a User from the proxy.
*SOCKSTAT  Shows/Logs the current Connections.
*ADDUSER login :realname Adds a new User to the Bouncer.
*DELUSER login Deletes a User from the Bouncer.
*NAMEBOUNCER Names your bouncer (needed for linking).
*LINKTO Adds a bouncer Link to the Host/Port.
*LINKFROM Adds a bouncer Link from your Bouncer.
*RELAYLINK Allows or disables a relayable Link.
*DELLINK Deletes a Link to a bouncer.
LISTLINKS Lists all Links to/from the Bouncer.
*RELINK Resets a link to a bouncer by number.
*PLAYMAINLOG Plays the Connection Log.
*ERASEMAINLOG Erases the Connection Log.
*ADDALLOW Adds a host allow to connect.
*DELALLOW Deletes a host allow.
*LISTALLOW Lists the current running tasks.
SRELOAD Reloads the Script for the User.
LISTTASKS Lists the current running tasks.
BHELP Lists this help or help on a topic.