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Terms & conditions

Acceptable Use Policy

If you violate the terms of this policy, your service may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of the system administrator. Refunds will not be provided.

  • the owner of the IRC bouncer is legally responsible of all damages caused by him or other users with his bouncer.

  • if an account password (on the website or on the bouncer) has been stolen, you may inform our technical support as soon as possible.
    IRCbouncer.com is not responsible of the eventual harm or damages that could be caused.

  • the account that allow managing the bouncer and associated virtual hosts is personal : you don't want to give the information to anyone.

  • using your IRC bouncer for warez, xdcc/f-serve server, pornographic content is illegal and would result in suspending your account.

  • the IP addresses of users connecting bouncers may be loggued in case of illegal activity.

  • using any private vhost that you do not own is strictly prohibed : you can use only public vhosts and your own custom vhosts.

  • payments are only done by credit card via the Paypal services.

  • fraud in payment may result in pursuits.

  • You are not allowed to sell IRC bouncers hosted by IRCbouncers.com, excepted if you are an official partner.

  • Euroserv LLC and IRCbouncers.com are not responsible for any harm or damages in case of laws bypassing.

  • the administrator are able to refuse any customer that would not follow the rules of the IRC chat or more generally of the Internet network.